Evodio Walle

Evodio Walle
Commerce Logistics

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa County and Alameda County

A native to Northern California and the high tech market, Evodio Walle is an accomplished corporate strategist and marketer with over 20 years of business leadership experience in guiding marketing programs, enabling companies of all sizes to drive notable growth in the technology, business services, retail, and consumer goods sectors.

Since the launch of the Commerce Logistics in 2003, some of Mr. Walle’s most notable, long-term marketing engagements with Bay Area companies have been with:

Cisco, Search Communications Strategist
Sephora, Communications Strategist / SEO Engineer
Podio, Director, Demand Generation (acquired by Citrix)
Autodesk, Search Strategist
GreenRoad, Director, Marketing
SmartTurn, Director, Marketing
Wells Fargo, Director, Email Marketing “High Value Exchange”
ScanAlert, Director, Enterprise Marketing ($51M acquisition by McAfee and rebranded as McAfee Secure), eCommerce User Experience
Qualys, Product Re-positioning

Prior to founding Commerce Logistics, Mr. Walle served as Portal Director at SecurityFocus, the world’s largest security intelligence portal, where he managed online services and brand development, his achievements successfully culminating in a $75 Million acquisition by Symantec Corporation in 2002. Mr. Walle has also played strategic roles in driving print and online programs for Securify, Copper Mountain Networks (acquired by Tut Systems, and subsequently by Motorola), Sendmail, UTStarcom, and other prominent technology companies.

Offering a cohesive blend of creative, technical and operational strengths, Mr. Walle has achieved exciting company and product turnarounds and is recognized for his success in supporting the growth of sales and profits. His strategic approach to building businesses is reflected in projects like that with SmartTurn, where his concept creation and focus on key marketing messaging architecture quickly delivered impressive bottom-line results, having led the SaaS tech startup through a brand revitalization that included major shifts in brand strategy, product positioning, and customer acquisition.

Prior to joining SecurityFocus, Mr. Walle was Account Executive at Cymbic Interactive, preceded by a two-year tenure as General Director at Matrix Technologies (acquired by Rosnet) in Moscow, Russia. Mr. Walle possesses technical training in all facets of Internet Service Provider (ISP) business management and provisioning of Internet connectivity services, including working with electronic payment systems, CRM, and lead generation. His strong ability to transfer his personal enthusiasm for technology solutions to clients has made him a significant asset during the deployment of challenging projects.

Mr. Walle’s exceptional track record of business improvement is based on his philosophy of total enterprise engagement in change. He is known for his ability to quickly identify and diagnose sales and growth impediments that go far beyond marketing, working with companies to refine their organizational structure, product lines, sourcing, sales channels, market position, as well as point-of-sale and general advertising.

Mr. Walle studied at San Francisco State University, and was founder and President of both the Web Developers Association (WDA) and the Student Fashion Association (SFA), and currently serves on the executive boards of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa County and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Alameda County as President and Chairman. Mr. Walle has also recently joined the board at Village Community Resource Center (VCRC), a Brentwood, California-based children’s education program.

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