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Maximize the return on your marketing investment with marketing programs that support and enhance your existing Sales and Marketing activities.

Experience Design

We build seamless, multi-channel digital experiences across desktop, mobile, tablet and physical locations, providing integrated engagement through high personalization and utility. Our approach to experience design converges creative, media, and technology with your business model, creating experiences that cohesively extend across all channels that comprise your customer ecosystem.

Brand Marketing & Storytelling

We partner with you and your Subject Matter Experts to deliver experiences that are relevant to the specific needs and interests of your customers, and extend your messages across advertising mediums, consumer devices, and marketing technologies, while simplifying the general complexity of managing paid, earned, and owned marketing channel investments.

Commerce & Marketing Platforms

We carefully craft marketing funnels to facilitate how customers flow from awareness to consideration to purchase. As customers adjust their behavior, one minute appearing ready to act, and the next minute they might be influenced by a friend’s social media post or a competitive online or brick-and-mortar store offer, we’ve got you covered.

Application Development

We optimize business process flows through end-to-end integration of systems and platforms, and build custom software components that address the gaps in how heterogeneous systems currently deliver value to customers. Through a comprehensive discovery and explorative process, we distill technologies down to the processes that matter, and optimize the flow of data to where it’s needed most – in the way it’s needed.

Digital Performance Media

We create highly measurable and targetable mixed media campaigns to maximize inbound acquisition, removing the day to day complexity of display advertising, organic search and social media execution and analysis. As new technologies arise, consumer behavior changes, and competitors alter their tactics, we help you stay competitive by strategically aligning your marketing messages, creative, and media distribution to drive demand.

Digital Strategy & Innovation

We provide seamless transition from strategy development to implementation, helping senior executives anticipate and adapt to trends that can enable growth acceleration and transformation of their brands. We turn strategic change into a competitive advantage through long-term planning and digital roadmap development, financial modeling and business case definition for digital initiatives, and guidance on digital program governance.

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There's no such thing as a standalone marketing tactic. Everything is accountable to something else.
Evodio Walle, President/CEO, Commerce Logistics


Supporting Leading Brands Toward Marketing Success
Evodio Walle
Evodio Walle President/CEO
A native to Northern California and the high tech market, Evodio Walle is a passionate entrepreneur providing strategic branding and marketing consulting services to Bay Area companies, having founded Commerce Logistics, Inc. in 2003 as a communication platform for presenting a career’s worth of career achievements and consulting projects under one portfolio brand.

An accomplished corporate strategist and marketer, Mr. Walle has more than 18 years of business leadership experience in guiding startups’ Web, print, and email marketing programs, enabling companies to drive notable growth in the technology, business services, retail, and consumer goods sectors.

Since the launch of the Commerce Logistics portfolio site in 2003, Mr. Walle’s most notable marketing engagements for Bay Area companies have spanned a broad spectrum of small and large companies, ranging from bootstrapped startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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